Can I Ask the Tarot a Yes/No Question?

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Yes No MaybeWhile you can ask a yes/no question of the Tarot, some readers prefer that clients don't ask in this way. I know it can sometimes be difficult, though, for the seeker to find a different way to ask.

When I get a yes/no question from a client, I might rephrase the question in a way that will allow the seeker to get the most information possible from his/her reading, but I'll rephrase it in such a way that I can still provide the answer that is being sought.

For example, if a client asks, "Will I lose weight?" -- I will probably rephrase it like this:  "How can I lose weight?"  or  "How can I achieve my weight loss goal during the next year?"  The reading will provide information on the potential outcome.  From there, I can then tell my client that "Yes, you will lose weight if you consider ....."  or  "You probably won't achieve your desired goal unless you are willing to make this change . . . . ."

In this way, you will not only get a simple answer, such as "Yes" or "No," but you will also be provided additional information to help you.  If the outcome is one you don't like, the cards will show you how you can work on changing it.  And if you do like the outcome, the cards will let you know how to continue in order to see the desirable outcome become a reality.

When seekers come for a reading, they usually want more than just a simple "yes" or "no" answer.  They want to know why they might not achieve a goal or why they will likely succeed. Understanding those elements helps the seeker make the right decisions for the goals they are working on.  A simple yes or no just feels too fated. And Tarot is not representative of a fate set in stone for anyone.

Addressing a question from a yes/no view can be more limited.  However, it is still possible to ask a yes/no question if that is what one really wants to ask.  But almost always, there are really other things that the client wants to know about in regard to the outcome.  If you lay out the cards and simply say "No, you won't achieve this goal" to a client, that client is not really going to be happy with such a simplistic reading that sounds like it's fated.

While they might be a little happier if you say, "Yes, the cards show the answer to be affirmative" . . . the client would naturally still be curious to know a little more.  They would likely be interested in the "hows" and the "whys" of the situation, too.  They might appreciate knowing what to watch out for, and they might benefit from a little more advice and guidance that the tarot can share with them.

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